How to Conduct Excellent Customer Interviews 

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In this webinar, we will discuss when and how to use customers interviews to understand your customers and build impactful product experiences. Lucy Denton will draw on her experience as a Senior Product Designer at Dovetail – a user research and customer feedback platform.

When wanting to understand customers and their behaviour, many will turn to quantitative data and metrics. However, quantitative data only tells half the story, whereas unstructured qualitative research – often customer interviews – helps you understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of your data.

Although having a conversation with someone may seem reasonably straightforward, leveraging qualitative research techniques can help you get the signal you’re looking for.

Lucy will discuss her experience and insight on:

Thank you. That will help us with our conversations at our company.
Sally Higgs

Senior Product Manager
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Great work guys! Super informative. Thanks for hosting it!
Jindou Lee
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Lucy Denton

Senior Product Designer


Lucy is a Senior Product Designer working at Sydney based startup, Dovetail. Before Dovetail, Lucy worked at Atlassian for over five years, where she led and worked on strategic research projects for the HipChat, Atlassian marketplace, and Jira teams. Lucy is passionate about scaling research, helping UX professionals get buy-in research findings, and helping stakeholders understand the value research has in decisions.

Twitter: @lucinda_denton
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lucy-denton
Dovetail Twitter: @hidovetail

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Thank you for putting on such great and relatively short, hugely informative sessions.
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As an innovation management consultant, lecturer, and Design Thinking practitioner, I found the session to be both interesting and very useful.
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When to use customer interviews as a method

How to prepare and run excellent customers interviews like a researcher

How to draw conclusions and maximise the impact of your interviews


Scott Middleton

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